11625 Barrington Ct  *  (310) 471-6855

A neighborhood favorite for over a decade, the friendly staff at Belwood Bakery serve up their muffins and coffee with a joke and a smile. Located on the east side of Barrington Court across from Peppones, the baked goods are fresh every day and include regular and bran muffins, croissants, various types of danish and bread of all kinds. The coffee drinks come quick and the boys in back make up sandwiches to order.

Try out the blueberry bran muffin or the delicious raspberry croissant, or keep it light, and gobble down a brioche to go. The variety of cakes are abundant, but the tiramisu and the raspberry cheese are the favorites. Fridays you can pick up a fresh challah (sliced or unsliced, raisans or plain).

Remeber to say hi to John, Anthony, Andy or Charlie when you stop in, and don’t forget to feed the meter or that muffin will cost you $65.