Homes As Hotels City Seeks To Gain Income From Rentals

The battle over short-term rentals is turning into a war between homeowners and the City. Intent on getting control and collecting revenue from residents who rent out their homes, condos and apartments, the City will soon approve a new ordinance with specific rules and regulations for rentals.

Renting out your dwelling has become more prevalent as web and phone-based services like AirBnB and VRBO make it easier to find a place to stay when traveling around the country. Both business and pleasure travelers use the services in an effort to save money or stay in more unique accommodations.  Owners are seeking to supplement their income instead of letting their guest houses, spare rooms and empty condos go unused.

Homeowners in residential neighborhoods are concerned their neighbors will take advantage of the high daily and weekly rates to rent out their homes on a short-term basis, creating  a hotel-like environment in areas zoned for residential purposes only.  It is currently illegal to rent out a home for less than thirty days.

The City is looking to clamp down on scofflaws who ignore the short-term rental restrictions and accommodate those who want to gain the extra income lawfully.  Homeowners groups representing “R1” neighborhoods, like the Pacific Palisades Community Council, have risen up against the new ordinance, while providing a specific set of stipulations should the City grant the rights anyway.

A preliminary motion was instigated by Brentwood councilman Mike Bonin, in an effort to get the ball rolling on a final ordinance.  The Brentwood Homeowners Association is against daily and weekly rentals in their territory.

The Brentwood Community Council has yet to act at the time of this article.