New Fish Place Coming Soon Bottlefish To Open In Brentwood Gardens

The Daily Grill left Brentwood over two years ago and since then, the space on the second floor of Brentwood Gardens has been vacant.  While the landlords have tried to get several tenants to occupy the space, they also were looking for someone with staying power who could be a draw for the popular local mall.

It seems the founders of California Pizza Kitchen are staking another claim in the site that gave them great luck.  They will soon open BottleFish, an eatery specializing in seafood.  This is not to be mistaken with Sugarfish, the popular sushi restaurant in Brentwood Town and Country.

Bottlefish is currently under review by the San Vicente Design Review Board and is applying for a new liquor license with the City.  The installation will include an extensive remodeling of the space which will enhance the look of Brentwood Gardens.