Chin Chin

11740 San Vicente Blvd. (310) 826-2525

Chin Chin Restaurants made its debut in Los Angeles in 1983, introducing Dim Sum and other Chinese favorites prepared to order, without adding any MSG, and served in a contemporary environment with friendly and efficient service. After 30 years, Chin Chin Restaurants remains the most popular Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles.


11726 San Vicente Blvd 310.207.2295

Albert and Polly Chang have been restaurateurs since opening their first Chang’s location in Beverly Hills on April 23, 1981. That location was aptly named Chang’s Kitchen as it was little more than a kitchen with standing room only where they served mostly takeout.

From those humble beginnings, Chang’s Restaurant expanded to their current location in Brentwood, where they have been consistently serving Los Angeles with high quality, home cooked Mandarin and Szechuan Chinese food daily since 1983. Many longtime Brentwood residents know Albert and Polly by sight as they still oversee daily operations and guarantee their customers’ satisfaction.