Sor Tino

908 South Barrington Ave 310 442 8466

He has “brought Italy to our doorsteps” with a menu offering traditional Florentine dishes. An open kitchen with a pizza oven, small and large distressed wood tables, rush chairs enhances the warm and friendly interior. Tino, as he is affectionately known, firmly believes that Los Angeles is destined to be this nation’s foremost restaurant city


11604 San Vicente Blvd 310.571.3800

Chef Raffaele Sabatini came to the U.S. with little English speaking ability and no affinity for Americanized Italian Food. Raffaele offers innovative dishes as authentic ancient recipes from several regions throughout Italy. Pecorino offers a memorable dining experience of impeccable Italian Cuisine in a cozy, secluded atmosphere.

Maria’s Italian Kitchen

11723 Barrington Court (310) 476-6112

Maria’s Italian Kitchens is one of those grand American success stories. Maria’s Italian Kitchens often remind guests of the casual, sometimes boisterous, neighborhood eateries of another era. It began in the Italian quarter of Hoboken, New Jersey, where Madelyn’s mother, Maria, grew up learning the recipes for real Italian food of Naples from her mother, Luisa.

Louise’s Trattoria

264 26th Street 310-451-5001

The store that started it all! Opened in 1980, Louise’s Trattoria on 26th Street
in Brentwood (On the border of Santa Monica) offers intimate dining accommodations in a casual upscale atmosphere. Frequented by the area’s locals (including many Hollywood stars), Louise’s  maybe small, but its accommodations and people watching capabilities are first class.

La Scala Presto

11740 SAN VICENTE BLVD. 310-826-6100

Jean Leon introduced his first La Scala Trattoria in Brentwood in 1985. The concept, which is the presentation of food which matches the quality and variety of that served at La Scala but at more moderate prices. From the beginning, La Scala was known for its innovation and opened to great critical acclaim. Leon was the first Los Angeles Italian restauranteur to serve white truffles, the first to make his own pasta.


11758 San Vicente Blvd (310) 442-7188

Pizzicotto features authentic regional Italian cuisine in an intimate setting. Whether you have a reservation or are a spontaneous walk-in, whether you are on your own with a good book in hand or accompanied by your family or on a romantic first date, you are welcome here. Daily specials are handwritten and cooked to order.