Brentwood Groups Sue Archer School Effort To Block Expansion On Sunset

A coalition of Brentwood homeowners and community groups has filed a lawsuit against the Archer School For Girls.  The filing claims the City of Los Angeles wrongfully approved the expansion project despite dramatic environmental and traffic impacts on the surrounding neighborhood.

The Archer School came to its present site on Sunset Blvd near Barrington Avenue in 1998, after organized opposition from segments of the community.  The City approved the operations under a very stringent Conditional Use Permit, which stated the regulations and restrictions were needed to maintain balance with the residential community.

Several years ago, the School submitted to the City and presented to homeowners an extensive expansion plan which called for razing two residential homes it had purchased and erecting several new buildings and an underground parking structure.  The plan called for six years of construction (which has since been reduced to three).

Despite extensive neighborhood opposition, including a declaration by the Brentwood Community Council opposing the expansion, the City approved the project.

The lawsuit is looking to prevent the expansion, at least until further studies are performed on the current plan and its impacts during construction and operations.