Brentwood Opposes Bonin’s Motion Community Against Short-Term Rentals

The Brentwood Community Council, a collection of homeowner organizations, institutions and business representatives, today voted to formally oppose area Councilman Mike Bonin’s motion which would allow certain type of home rentals for under thirty days. The BCC motion to oppose, raised by Brentwood Homeowners Association president Ray Klein, stated:

BCC opposes Motion CF-14-1635-S2, sponsored by Councilpersons Mike Bonin and Herb Wesson. BCC opposes any change in the current zoning laws regarding short-term rentals.

Currently, rental of homes and apartments on a daily or weekly basis is illegal, but the City has been lax in their enforcement. The new proposal was hoping to regulate the renting of homes on a short-term basis (less than thirty days) facilitated in part by web-based services like AirBnB and VRBO.

While some hope to supplement their income by renting out their homes, others felt it threatened the sanctity and security afforded by residential neighborhoods.