Brentwood Village Parking In Jeopardy VA Plan Would Take Back Lot

Add Brentwood Village to the potential collateral damage of the new West LA Veterans Administration Master Plan.  A lawsuit last year by the ACLU on behalf of a veterans group and the appointment of new Secretary Robert McDonald in Washington, DC, led to the rapid development of a new plan for the use of the West LA campus.

The more than 350 acre area was donated to the government in the late 1800s for the specific use by war veterans.  Since then, the VA has leased out parcels to institutions and companies for private use.  Now, they want it back, which means Brentwood School and UCLA are scrambling to establish real veteran-centric uses for the land, hoping to maintain their control and use for their purposes as well.

Showing they are serious, while somewhat unorganized, the VA recently shuttered the dog park on the east side of Barrington, until Councilman Mike Bonin, and Senator Diane Feinstein, petitioned to have it reopened pending some definitive development actions.

Grouped into the confusion is the Brentwood Village parking lot, on the east side of Barrington Place, just north of the post office.  The parking lot, run by private company Westside Services, serves as vital parking for Village employees and customers.  If the VA takes the parking lot out of service, Brentwood Village store owners and customers could be absent a practical solution for parking and their business could suffer or shutter.

Brentwood Village will now join the Brentwood School and UCLA in petitioning the VA for permission to continuing using the properties, subject to an approved plan integrating programs and policies that are veteran-centric.  If you would like to lend a comment to this endeavor and support the Brentwood School and Village, you can follow this link and make your voice heard.  Look for blue, Comment Here, button.