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Master Plan For VA Report Is Due In October

After several public listening sessions and a lot of private input from Federal and State officials, the Master Plan will be presented to the public.  The mission, from newly appointed secretary Robert McDonald and from a court settlement between the VA and the ACLU, is to make the West LA campus “veteran-centric,” meaning all land must be available for use by the veteran community.

In 1888, even before the establishment of the Veterans Administration, the formerly private land was donated to the federal government for the specific use by war veterans.  With a deteriorated focus and commitment to veterans, a group sued the VA with the help of the ACLU and a judge ordered a reexamination and/or evacuation of all leaseholders.

The land is now used by several entities under lease from the VA.  They include

  • Parks used by the neighborhood under the management of LA Parks and Recreation;
  • Brentwood School football and baseball fields;
  • UCLA baseball stadium
  • The Brentwood Village public parking lot.

Those uses are all in jeopardy until the Master Plan is established and it can be determined if those uses can benefit veterans.  Brentwood School has programs in place for veterans to use the athletic facilities, and is looking to expand their relationship.

A small group of veterans objects to any government input into the Plan and wants total control over the space, to be run by veteran’s groups.